We are a private investment banking advisory firm.
Our advice will always be independent, and we will act only in the best interests of our clients.

Ardea's mission is to provide strategic and financial advice to CEOs, Founders and Boards of Directors of leading global enterprises facing complex challenges and considering transformational changes in strategy, ownership or capital structure. Ardea also advises on major investments by Sovereign Wealth Funds and other large pools of capital.


We founded Ardea Partners for three main reasons: first, we believe that there is significant unsatisfied demand for experienced professionals to provide truly independent financial and strategic advice in a relationship of trust; second, we all enjoyed working together for many years and believe that our partnership can provide advice to our clients of a higher quality than any one of us could deliver on his own; third, we wanted to create a firm with a unique culture of partnership and teamwork that would allow us to attract and work with the best people in the industry.


Personal Relationships

Ardea invests in strong and deeply personal long term relationships.

Diversity of Ideas

We are convinced that diversity results in the generation of more and better ideas.

Trust & Integrity

Our communication with our clients is always based on trust, honesty and integrity and remains strictly private and confidential.

Our Future

We believe that we will be successful if we continue to attract, hire, train and mentor a diverse group of talented people. They are Ardea's future partners and they will be rewarded accordingly.


We seek to serve a select group of clients globally. We are not market share or transaction driven. We rely on the breadth and depth of our capabilities and experience, not the size of our team or our balance sheet.

Giving Back

Ardea contributes to worthy causes every year. We donate to charity a portion of our annual revenue, irrespective of profitability.


NEW YORK Ardea Partners LP +1.212.430.2300 10 Hudson Yards, 40th Floor, New York, NY 10001
LONDON Ardea Partners International LLP +44.203.848.8700 103 Mount Street, W1K 2TJ London, UK